Engineering & Design


To mark the 50th anniversary of motorsport legend Ford GT40, Lambda Performance started the GT Masters season 2013 with a fundamentally redesigned Ford GT GT3.

For the Ford GT specialized Wiesbaden manufacturer Lambda Performance the fundamental revision of the Ford GT GT3 was a great challenge. It is still a sports car, which is no longer produced since 2006, present in the league of the latest super-sports cars as a serious competitor and contender for the podium. The improvements that Lambda Performance has developed for the 2013 Ford GT are accordingly fundamental.

The 2013er Lambda Ford GT GT3

Even at first glance, the great visual differences to the previous year's model are striking. The 2013 Ford GT has once again become much wider and the revised Aero package underlines the unique shape. The inner values have been completely revised. The Lambda Ford GT GT3 operates by a Ford Racing 5.3 liter V8 engine from Spiess with about 530 hp; combined with a new sequential 6-speed transmission from X-Track. Also new are the chassis, the brake system and the entire electronics. The homologation weight is 1,190 kg, but this is supplemented by an additional 40 kg as part of the "Balance of Performance".