Motorsport-Legend Ford GT40

At the NAIAS 2002 Ford introduced the GT40 concept car, which was a reissue of the 1964 to 1968 built Le Mans race car Ford GT40. The concept car was part of the "Living Legends" series, in which Ford revived earlier models, such as the Thunderbird or the Mustang. Until the brand's 100th anniversary in June 2003, the team is developed a production model from the GT40 Concept Car in 16 months.

Under the optically little changed body chassis, modern technology was used. The new model was renounced with the suffix "40", which went back to the 1964 vehicle and meant the car height of 40 inches. The new GT is 43 inches high.

Already in 1995, Ford showed the GT90 a concept vehicle, which took up the nomenclature of the original model.